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September 26, 2011 by Hapkido
I'm wondering how one can re-install any/all of the Object Desktop programs after a reformat if your license has expired? Since you cannot download anything using Impulse, how is this done... or can it be done? IF it can be done, I would appreciate a step-by-step guide.

October 2, 2008 by Hapkido
I know I posted this before but it doesn't seem to exist any longer. I'm looking for a source to download a wallpaper file as shown in the screenshot below. It was implied to be included in the Vista wallpaper pack on Wincustomize. There were many that were similar in that pack but the actual one I'm looking for was not included.

Thanks for any help in providing a link.
February 1, 2007 by Hapkido
Okay.... n00b questions!

1) How do you install/add these ".gadget" files?
2) Where are they located after they are added/installed?
April 16, 2006 by Hapkido
I'm just curious if there are people in this community who are running Styler Toolbar (or Styler full but w/Toolbar mode) and WB 5.01. I tried the downloadable "Evaluation Version" of Styler 1.38 and it raised havoc with WindowBlinds even though I checked to use "Toolbar mode". Are these two programs incompatible? or is it possible that there is something that needs to be configured to make them work together nicely?
April 3, 2006 by Hapkido
I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing this problem with WindowBlinds 5.xx and explorer.exe. If I change skins 3 or 4 times via the WB Configuration window and then reboot, I get the proverbial "Ending Process" dialog and I have to manually click on the "End Now" button. If I don't change skins, then there isn't a problem rebooting.

Any thoughts on what might be causing this?
March 17, 2006 by Hapkido
In the new "OHMYNitroLite.ip" set, the author accidentally left out the "My Documents" icon. He provided a link to download this individual icon, but I don't know how to add it to the set. Could someone provide step-by-step instructions for adding an icon to an existing IP set?

January 20, 2006 by Hapkido
I noticed that the last two WB beta updates when archived by SDC are only 1K zip files which when opened contain nothing??? I am one who likes to burn the updates to CD-RW for backup and these two files do raise some questions as their usefulness should I need to do a "restore". What's the deal with these 1K .zip files?
January 1, 2006 by Hapkido
This small irritant was mentioned in passing by someone else in another thread and I thought I would bring it up for further possible discussion and to the notice of Stardock. First, this occurred with 4.6 and now with 5.0. More often than not, when I click on the "Start" button to open the Start Menu, the Start Menu "flickers" briefly before being displayed. The phenomena is universal, i.e., it is not skin specific although it doesn't happen 100% of the time, but perhaps 80% of the time.

October 26, 2005 by Hapkido
When I try to view any ".icl" file in IconPackager Explorer, as soon as I click on the file in the Windows Explorer tree, the program closes. There are no error messages.... nada; it just closes. Has this problem been reported before? Any suggestions on how to proceed to fix this issue?

Version: 3.00i[b].002
October 23, 2005 by Hapkido
This question refers to the "My Toolbars" section in both WB 4.x and 5.0. When I go through the list of Toolbar icon sets, there are quite a number that are named:

Default Shell Toolbar Glyphs
By: Microsoft Design Team

1) All of them came with a WB skin so why isn't the name of the skin displayed like many of the others that appear in that section?

2) How can I find out what skin these sets belong to, short of loading every skin I have installed?

October 18, 2005 by Hapkido
I installed a new ATI Rad. 9550 256 card and now I see that "HyperPaint" can be enabled in the WB Configuration Window in "Basic Settings/Performance". What exactly is "HyperPaint"? and is there any advantage in enabling this?
October 12, 2005 by Hapkido
Somewhere in one of the posts here I think I remember this issue mentioned already but I thought I would give the matter its own thread. Using the latest WB 5.0 Beta, I am seeing "ghost" Titlebars, "magic pink" displayed on them and solid black Menubars as well. This occurs on both WB 5 specific skins as well as all my other WB 4+ skins. Sometimes clicking on the Titlebar will effect its display but not fix it.

I e-mailed Stardock tech support and was told that the problem is probably du...
October 9, 2005 by Hapkido
I usually add some simple "click" sounds to the System buttons on the Titlebar to the skins I use most without any problem whatsoever. But tonight I tried adding those same sounds to the "Aura" skin, but they don't work. Anyone else seeing this problem with this skin or any of the other new per pixel WB 5.0 skins?

Anyone have a suggested fix to get them to work?
October 1, 2005 by Hapkido
I have a couple of questions about Toolbar icons:

1) Is there an easy way to install a set of Toolbar icons in a WB skin that doesn't have any other than copying the 14 +/- separate image files to the skin's folder and then choosing each one in SkinStudio? I noticed when I download these type of files, they have a ".wba" extension by default.

2) What is the best way to re-colour a set of Toolbar icons? e.g., what program would you suggest to use? Can then be re-colored with SkinStudio? or...
August 26, 2005 by Hapkido
I don't know what causes this, but it is driving me nuts! Every so often, when changing icon packages the "My Network Places" icon won't change. If I restore the Windows default icon set, it reverts to a previous icon from a set (Pixelorama), which I haven't used in a couple of months. Repair Icons doesn't work. Rebooting doesn't work.. nothing seems to work. If I try to change it back to the XP default using the shortcut's "Properties" it shows that the Windows default is already chosen. But t...